Getting under the skin and inside the consumer's head.


As a strategist, I help businesses uncover marketing insights. These insights are unspoken human truths the subconscious mind recognizes. I uncover these insights and market tensions into consumer's needs by conducting research to see the problem from a customer's point of view. Through creative briefs, I develop brand and marketing strategies that reinforce businesses' positioning in the market and help drive up both revenue and profits.

Clients I have worked with include ASUS, Converse, Tic Tac, Listerine, Leap Fire Group, Lemongrass Villa, Novo Collections, and Osmany Laffita among others.

Consumer Insights Specialist Strategist

Tic Tac

During my time at Razorfish, a digital marketing agency, I worked on increasing consideration for Tic Tac among young people. My research also helped address improvement of an existing distribution. I uncovered strategically important ways to make the experience of having and consuming Tic Tac a more memorable one.

Consumer Insights Specialist Strategist


After the release of ZenWatch in 2014, ASUS was about to launch a second version of its smartwatch called ZenWatch 2. My goal was to address consumers' needs and to create a real purpose and use case in the consumers' minds for using smartwatch in their every day life. As well, we wanted consumers to perceive the watch as a necessary extension of a smartphone. This was successfully achieved by a consumer insights analysis which helped us uncover real problems from the customer's point of view.

Consumer Insights Specialist Strategist


During my work with Converse, I uncovered strategically important insights to elevate the brand's ranking among consumers in a declining Hong Kong retail market, with astonishing revelations for a successful venture into e-commerce.


Consumer Insights Specialist Strategist

Lemongrass Villa

I worked with the developer of Lemongrass Villa, a private vacation estate in Koh Samui, Thailand, to design and develop the foundation of the core brand identity, along with full creative direction, photography, concept development, marketing, villa amenities production and brand/customer experience, in addition to designing the website and a social media presence. Currently, I fully manage this business online (marketing, social media), as well as offline (rental management and customer service).