CL3 Architects Limited

25 October 2017


Problem Statement

Founded in 1992, CL3 is an internationally renowned and award-winning architectural and interior design firm based in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Being a pioneer in integrating art, design and architecture in urban areas, CL3's current corporate-looking website is lacking of clearly representing the urbanistic, artistic and artisanal approach to design they offer. CL3 is looking for a complete redesign of their current website to clearly communicate what makes the brand unique to their website visitors who are mostly potential clients seeking information about CL3 to better understand the scale of the company and to view their wide range of previous projects.

Proposed Solution



Your company needs a website to set itself apart from competitors while maintaining a coherent message that CL3 is a design company that offers expertise and innovative contemporary design to clients across various industries in urban areas. To show how CL3 differentiates itself by its artistic approach to design and architecture, a clear website that leaves a strong impression is necessary. The new website will combine modern design elements:
- eye-cathing page design with consistent brand image throughout the site
- stylish typography
- bolder imagery configured to fit the viewer's screen
- well-organized navigation structure
- enhanced user interface and experience
- captivating page flow



To effectively communicate what makes CL3 unique and to give the website visitors a good understanding of CL3's range of projects, a development of a completely original site built from the ground up is needed. A strong emphasis will be placed on web design and content that leaves the visitors and potential clients with a message that CL3 is a design firm that:

- is committed to good design and artistic value
- is international in the spirit of its designs, while preserving the ability to bridge Eastern and Western elements
- makes the client feel like it's the right one to work with



Your current website is build on Wordpress which, although, is a widely used content management system, requires constant maintenance and security updates. This brings a lot of headache and often breaks different design and function elements on the website which then need to be fixed. It is also difficult to navigate and operate and every little design change requires hiring a developer. In Squarespace, any administrative staff at CL3 can easily make changes and have more control over the entire site without needing to hire a developer. These are the benefits you will gain with the new CMS:

- ability to maintain and update your website on your own
- managing websites is a matter of dragging-and-dropping, pulling on corners to resize images, and WYSIWYG editing
- there is never any need to update software, plugins, or widgets, patch security vulnerabilities
- responsive design matches the overall style of the website and makes it look great on every device
- easily managed built-in search engine optimization (SEO)

Squarespace charges USD 300 per year for hosting your website, security protection, system maintenance and 24/7 customer support.


Create custom website HKD 23,000
Second language version HKD 4,000

Total Cost HKD 27,000


The site will include the following pages in English + duplicate pages in Chinese language:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Portfolio
    • Portfolio home page with sorting by categories
    • 29 portfolio pages/galleries
  • Team
  • Awards
  • Contact

Next Steps and Project Timeline

  • Step 1
    • Deposit to start the project (HKD 10,000)
    • Asset collection (upload of all materials from CL3)
  • Step 2 (10-14 days)
    • Architecture setup and styling (2 look and feel mockup versions to choose from)
  • Step 3 (2 weeks)
    • Layout and content (laying out and adding finalized content to each page)
  • Step 4 (2-4 days)
    • Finishing touches
  • Step 5
    • Final payment (HKD 17,000)
    • Transfer website ownership and launch

Written email agreement to the Web Design Proposal and adding Administrator privileges to your website binds this Client Agreement.


Architecture Setup & Styling

I have created two completely different web designs for your company website. Both mockup versions are built in a way to make it easy for you to maintain and update all content, especially new projects.


To see the mockups, please click on the image and choose "Visitor Access".


This design immediately and clearly showcases company's wide project portfolio and capabilities. Each project page is generated automatically as follows:

  • Landscape images with or without captions are organized full-width one after another.
  • Portrait and square images without captions are also organized one after another but centered on the page.
  • Portrait and square images with captions are organized one by one, but they alternate sides (see Ascott project.)

Please view projects on the homepage as other pages are not activated in the mockup.

All pictures and text shown in the mockup are for illustrative purposes only.


This second mockup shows more cleaner, sexier company image, which is accompanied by subtle animations. Each project page is generated automatically as follows:

  • First landscape image is always full-width.
  • Other images are organized one after another or next to each other to fill in the page and to create a gallery grid.
  • Captions are added with a solid color image (grey) which becomes part of the grid.

Please view projects under "Portfolio" -> "Hotels" as other categories and pages are not activated in the mockup.

All pictures and text shown in the mockup are for illustrative purposes only.


CLient Handoff


Please download this client handoff guide, A Guide to Your Website, that highlights Knowledge Base resources that will give you the confidence to manage your new website.

Site contributors and ownership

I have invited the following staff to have access to your new website through Squarespace. Thay all have different permission levels. The administrator can always send invitations to new contributors as needed.

Permission levels:
Administrator - info@CL3.com - has full permission to access everything on the website.
Content Editor - anna@CL3.com - can edit content, but cannot change settings.
Billing - janet@CL3.com / admin@CL3.com - lets the user update the credit card on file for Squarespace hosting.

The ownership transfer of the website will be completed upon the final payment of the service (HKD 17,000). I recommend keeping me as one of your Administrators in case you need any future help.

Hosting service payment

Once you are ready to launch the website and before I instruct your domain provider to point to your new website, it is necessary that your Squarespace hosting is upgraded from trial to a paid subscription. You can do so through Admin or Billing accounts. Please choose the annual Business plan.

Mobile apps

Squarespace has a range of mobile apps that will help you manage and monitor your new website.
Blog app - gives you the tools for writing, editing, and managing news posts on the go. (iOSAndroid)
Analytics app - With the Squarespace Analytics App, you can view key statistics for your Squarespace sites from a mobile device. (iOSAndroid)