Loyalty cards don't create loyalty

Loyalty programs have exploded in the past years with over 90% of companies having some sort of loyalty program. However, in the customer study by Accenture, 71% of people said that loyalty programs do not create loyalty. 77% of all consumers say they are willing to switch brand loyalty to another brand. This means that loyalty cards are just a form of reward cards that offer additional perks. Most customers still compare the relative value of frequent flyer miles versus cost savings when buying a cheap ticket elsewhere. At the end, even-though loyalty cards don't really build much brand loyalty, they are still of a great use to businesses as tools for collecting and analyzing customer data to be able to serve them better.

Customers want to feel included in, not dictated to

Instagram has just changed it's logo and is facing the same strong reactions by upset users, who feel they were left out of any conversation about such change being planned to happen. We humans form emotional bonds with brands, especially something we use every day. Consumers feel left out and disappointed when companies, that have such an impact on their daily lives, change something, especially without warning. Consumers want to feel included in, not dictated to.

All your customers need is 'love'

There are thousands of apps, web-based tools, customer service platforms and other tools to help your business run better. They make your customer service more efficient, but at the end, what the customer needs is 'love' - and this can only be delivered by people - your staff.